Temporary Closing until 23.11

Uploaded 06.11.2020, 13:45

The new national and regional restrictions and guidelines for COVID-19 have been put in place (read more here). This means that we, unfortunately, must close our cave until November 23rd. We apologize for a sudden closing, but it is to be expected from a pandemic that abides by no rules.

The following concerts/concepts will be affected:

  • 404: Disco
  • Torsdagsrock
  • Vulture Industries

404: Disco
 and Torsdagsrock will be refunded. The date for Vulture Industries will be changed. More information about that is coming soon.

We would like for our guests to stay safe and continue to follow regional and nationals guidelines. Here is more information about COVID-19, and here is where you can get a test for COVID-19 in Bergen.

Thank you for your patience, and stay safe!


All love,

Hulen’s Board